1. How Our Relationship with Amsoil Began

    Our relationship with Amsoil came around in a personal manner. Erik Rud, the owner of Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive, used to race motocross professionally in Colorado. The sport would have him out riding his dirt bike every single weekend for several years. Needless to say this type of riding was very hard on his bike and he constantly had to replace the engine. One year, he actually had to r…Read More

  2. What Is The Best Diesel Truck Out There?

    This is a serious question I get asked over and over. Usually it is when a customer is faced with an expensive repair on their current vehicle. This is a very difficult question to answer. So from a very experienced diesel mechanics point of view I am going to try to educate everyone the best I can and help you answer: What is the best diesel truck for you? So while reading this please keep in min…Read More

  3. Ford 6.0L Powerstroke – The Main Problem… and The Solution!

    If you would like more information or assistance in regards to this, we are offering a tech support line to help you through your 6.0 issues for a fee. Please call 970-541-0629 to schedule your phone appointment today! ver and over again we get a customer into the shop and the complaints are usually the same. “I am tired of this truck! I just left another shop, had $2500 worth of repairs done, a…Read More

  4. Buying a Used Vehicle and the Aftermarket Warranty

    I am buying a used vehicle what should I do? Many people come into our shop that have already bought a vehicle and find it is having problems once they get it home. These problems can sometimes cost a considerable amount of money to fix. Fortunately this is usually avoidable. I think many people that are trying to buy a used vehicle get overwhelmed easily and tend to make hasty decisions that they…Read More