We are now offering hitch and wiring services.  Please contact us today for a free estimate.

We offer many tow accessories and hitch options. From Bumper pull hitches and accessories to Gooseneck and 5th wheel hitches from almost all manufacturers. For those of you new to towing, here is a well laid out informative page about understanding hitch types and towing options. It however does not cover 5th wheels.

For those of you with long bed trucks, you have a lot of options for 5th wheel hitches as almost any brand hitch will work in your truck. So if you have a brand you like please ask us.  We can get it.

If you have a short bed truck, you are limited to a slider hitch which will work but if you forget to slide the hitch you can damage your truck or trailer or you can cause a very ill handling ride if the hitch is not moved back to the tow position. So here is what we feel your best option is. Pull Rite super glide hitches. They automatically slide back on sharp turns to protect the cab and your trailer then they automatically slide forward when the truck straightens back out. They are a carefree setup that is perfect for short bed trucks and the operation is so smooth you do not realize it is working unless you look in the bed and watch it move. Here is some info on the pull rite hitches.

We also offer hitches from the following manufacturers:

If you find what you’re looking for on their website, please call us for information and a free estimate.