Is your car or truck big enough, fast enough, or loud enough?  If not, we can handle all of your customization and installation needs.  We can locate any specialty parts for you or you can bring in what you have.  (All components must be 50 state emissions certified)

Lifting and Lowering

We can lift or lower your car or truck.  We can get all lifts kits available for your vehicle, so if you have something special in mind, we will find if for you.  Some of our favorite life kits are Skyjacker, Top Gun Customs, Kelderman, and many more.

Engine Performance

Air Systems

We install cold air intakes for most vehicles.  Our favorites are S & B, AFE, Banks, and Air Raid, but we can get whatever you prefer.

Fuel Systems

Is your fuel delivery system ready for an upgrade?  Whether you drive a stock truck and want to increase the life of your injection pump and injectors or you have a heavily modified race truck, we can get you the fuel delivery that you need.  We can get stock and oversize injectors custom for your application.  Our favorite systems are FASS, Air Dog Fuel Systems, Twin CP3 Pumps, VP44 Injection Pumps, Bosch, Alliant Power, Industrial Injection, BD and many more.  Whether you need installation or to just purchase the parts, we will get them for at the most competitive price in town!  (If your vehicle is street driven, we will keep it emission certified.

Modules, Tuners, and Downloaders

Are you looking to increase your performance.  We provide performance modules from H & S, Edge, Bully Dog, Banks, and many more!  We offer custom tuning from H&S and EFI live.

And Many More!

We also offer trailer hitch installations, exhaust brakes, turbos, exhaust systems and many more.  If you need any other modifications or customization’s  for you vehicle, just ask!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  (We will not do any delete systems for vehicles driven on the street.  If you have a race only vehicle, we create awesome tunes for your speed needs, but your vehicle cannot be registered for street driving and must be brought in on a trailer.  We will do this for race vehicles only)