Our relationship with Amsoil came around in a personal manner. Erik Rud, the owner of Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive, used to race motocross professionally in Colorado. The sport would have him out riding his dirt bike every single weekend for several years. Needless to say this type of riding was very hard on his bike and he constantly had to replace the engine. One year, he actually had to replace the engine 7 different times.

Looking for answers, he began paying very close attention to the oil in his bike after a hard riding weekend. He could tell that the oil looked and smelled burnt regardless of what type he tried. He tried many different kinds of oils from the cheap OEM oils to expensive oils costing up to $22 per quart. He experiments with changing oil after every weekend or waiting a couple weekends and pretty consistently it would be completely burnt after one weekend.

One day at the track, an Amsoil dealer caught his attention and gave him 2 free quarts of oil to try in his dirt bike. He changed his oil and used the Amsoil instead and noticed the tarnished burnt look did not occur. After 2 rides, he changed the oil again and after 5 weekends, the oil still did not look burnt. After his free supply ran out, he used the other oil he was using before and immediately burnt it up on his next ride.

He immediately signed up to be an Amsoil preferred customer at that time and put only Amsoil products in the bike and hasn’t had to put a new engine in it since. That’s been about 4 years now. He has replaced bad gaskets on the engine so has had it completely apart and has noticed that the piston looked like new, the clutches were not worn and the gears looked great.

Needless to say, Erik was completely sold on the quality of Amsoil at that point and has since signed up to be a dealer. He encourages all customers to use Amsoil in their vehicles and uses it in every one of his. Generally Amsoil has a significantly longer life than other products so while the initial cost may be more than a standard oil change, you will generally only need to change your oil 1/3 as often so it is a huge cost savings.

If we trust Amsoil to keep our motocross bikes running as hard as they do, imagine what they could do for your vehicle.